in the time that i have been in IT (almost 6 years) i have become very proficient at hacking together code to do what i need. from vb scripts to do simple network administration to customizing some python to send over an exploit, i have found a way to make it work.

what i miss and don’t know is how to do is code correctly. in my search for learning how to code proper i ran across some great courses from stanford university and thought i would share.

i was looking for entry level classes that started at square one and these classes fit the bill perfectly. whats even better is that not only the video, but the homework assignments, handouts, and files are all available free of charge.

so far i have watched almost 4 of the classes and can say i have already learned some things, looking forward to the next 70+ classes 😉

here are the classes with links:

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note: for the record, i am not really a fan of itunes (and you can get these classes on youtube as well), but being able to download all the classes to my hard drive with a single mouse click was compelling enough for me to do it through itunes.