over the past week the topic of learning how to reverse engineer malware/binaries has come up several times in conversation.

i am not a skilled reverser, but i have been working over the last year or so to get better at it and really understand what is going on at the binary level.

earlier this year i discovered a series called “reversing with lena”. lena, the author, touts the series as a way to learn how to reverse for complete beginners, no programming experience required. its 40 lessons long (i am still on lesson 10, so i can only vouch for the first 10 being very good), and the flash videos and .exe’s you need to reverse are included. all reversing takes place  on a 32-bit intel x86 platform.

this series has helped me more than any other to actually understand reversing in the real world and i thought others might enjoy it as well.

before you download:

  • i take no responsibility for what you do with the knowledge you gain (i am using this to get better at reversing malware).
  • some of the programs will most likely be flagged as virus’ by your AV solution, which i don’t believe is accurate (but can’t guarantee either).
  • the password to the 7zip archive is ‘reverse’ (no quotes)
  • download the 7zip archive here (~140 mb)

i found the tutorial on tuts4you.com, a reverse engineering community that has lots of other resources on it (how good or bad, i do not know).