first off, the backtrack team rocks. they produce an amazing product for an equally amazing cost. the aesthetics are even top notch, which i can appreciate.

that being said, i don’t usually like to advertise to people that i am running backtrack (people get nervous when they think “hacker”), and a flaming red dragon is no way to keep things on the down low.

so, for anyone else out there i thought i would post where to change the default backtrack 5 menu icon.

the icon file is a svg, and is located at: /usr/share/icons/Humanity-Dark/places/24/start-here.svg

to clean my desktop up to something more benign (and useful), i replaced the backtrack menu logo with a blank svg and changed the wallpaper to corelanc0d3r’s exploit dev cheatsheet.

steps taken:

  1. renamed original svg file (mv /usr/share/icons/Humanity-Dark/places/24/start-here.svg /usr/share/icons/Humanity-Dark/places/24/start-here.svg.original)
  2. created a blank 24×24 svg to replace original svg (you can download here, created with inkscape on mint).
  3. move new, blank svg to /usr/share/icons/Humanity-Dark/places/24/start-here.svg
  4. restart the taskbar (pkill gnome-panel)
  5. if you are interested in the wallpaper, you can find them here