i have an older copy of backtrack 4 that i have upgraded since the initial release. while working through the PWB course from offensive security, i wanted to upgrade the local version of exploitdb. here is what i got:

[email protected]:/pentest/exploits/exploitdb# svn update
svn: Repository UUID 'c54f1b57-f3df-4c37-b561-881cde1baa19' doesn't match expected UUID '8072406e-18fd-45b5-acae-fc56dbc62dfa'

apparently in the time i installed backtrack 4 and the current version, they have blown away/moved the svn database. after googling, i found two options.

  1. download the newest version of backtrack and start from scratch
  2. fix the problem 😉

i have too much time invested in the box, so i found out how to fix the issue. here is what you do (assuming you are in the /pentest/exploits directory):

rm -rf exploitdb/
svn co svn://www.exploit-db.com/exploitdb

just a quick and dirty way to drop the old svn repository and add it from scratch.